Dreaming and living the dream

Dreams are often regarded as something that just stays in our heads; as something that we keep there to keep us alive instead of starting to live them. We carry our dreams with us through our lives, through the reality that was set for us by the simple pressure of the society around us and only few dare to try to bring those dreams of theirs to life.

For some it’s a career change or a dream of a baby, for some it’s a trip to the other side of the world. It can also be about love – about daring to pursue someone or love in general. Some people dream of stardom, some about starting a new life. Or both.

The world is full of people with starry eyes and dreams behind their smiles, why let them dim? Why do we hide and not try?

If you follow your dreams that means you follow your heart, and if you follow your heart… I don’t think you can go wrong.

-Céline Dion


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