A thing that has always been hard for me is change. Don’t get me wrong – I do like some things changing, like the seasons or my bed sheets but when it comes to something personal and sentimental to myself it gets hard. It can be related to my family, my friends or even celebrities I like. I feel silly over this but even something as trivial as an older TV-show or a celebrity that I love being forgotten can make me unbelievably sad.

Usually the toughest changes you face in life have something to do with people that are, or at least once were, important to you. To me these kind of situations have involved best friends that eventually turned out to be totally different people. It’s hard to tell if these people grew or if they just discovered the person inside of them that they were truly set out to be. Either way, it doesn’t really matter – I am happy for them. I truly am! Even though it hurt then and still kind of does it is what was meant to be (at least that’s what I’ve told myself all this time).

Not all change is good, not all change is bad. Not all change is revolutionary but not all change is unimportant, either. What I’m trying to say is, there’s all sorts of change and we just have to live with and through all of it.

It can absolutely be good. If it’s bad, the Universe will somehow at some point redeem it. Life isn’t simple and why would it be? There’s no fun in that.


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