New York nights

The mesmerising, magical New York City… Oh, the sparkling lights and the sounds, the brownstones bathing in the moonlight and the wandering homeless men telling you how it is. Yes, you read it right.

It was a warm summer night in the West Village and we were crossing the street when we noticed none other than the Empire State Building, shining in all its glory. The traffic had gotten less busy and we literally stood in the middle of the street, in awe, admiring the iconic landmark. He said, “You see that?” while pointing at the breathtaking Midtown skyline that was peeking between the humbler buildings of the Village, “That’s why they all come here, you know? It’s New York City, baby!” and I couldn’t have agreed more.

I’ve told this story a few times to several people but there’s a reason for it. The reason being the fact that I love New York. I’ve loved it even before I got there and I’ve been in love with it ever since I stepped foot on its ground. Its charm to me is the fact that anything can happen.

Everyone who has been to the wondrous city can probably agree with me that it’s amazing. It’s lively and it’s vibrant but it’s also calm and reassuring. It gives you hopes and dreams and the feeling that anything you have ever wanted can come true.

It’s all about the magic of New York City.

Now playing: Lady Gaga – Lush Life (from Cheek To Cheek, a collaboration with Tony Bennett)


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