4 July, 2015
6:02 pm

Some people have this unbelievable, burning need to live. They need to get up at 4:15 to see the sun rise or drive to the next city just to get good bagels. They need to drink 5 cups of coffee every day, to get that extra kick so they can live more. More and more intensely. Live and love and scream from the top of their lungs, for someone who they long ago lost. They need to feel the ground beneath their feet so they’ll get naked in the middle of the night in a park, in a city they’ve never been before. They’ll roll on the grass or they’ll dive in the snow or they’ll tip their toes in the water. They need to sneak behind the yellow wooden house to light up a cigarette they know they shouldn’t have. Instead of the liquid soap they’ll use the rose-shaped, real piece of soap so they can feel it slide wet between their hands to get some twisted satisfaction. They’ll tell their lovers to be rough, to grab their hair and make them scream until their throats are burning.

Late night road-trips, music festivals and a pocketful of self-destruction.



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