19 July, 2015
8:08 am

Forgetting is scary. I have noticed that it is so hard to remember sometimes. I remember the streets and the corners and the buildings of someone else’s city I called home for a few years and in the process, forgot my own. My city that I always valued and always loved, I just didn’t visit it anymore. Well, rarely. And I forgot. I forgot how to walk to the art museum, that I used to go to often, from my favorite department store and I forgot how I used to feel in my favorite café. I remember struggling with my writing in my favorite spot but I completely forgot how I felt. And I want to remember how I felt. It feels so incredibly important to remember that.

Now, in what seems like another life completely, I’m being separated from my someone for a few weeks and I’m scared of forgetting. Surely, I’m seeing him soon but it makes me afraid of how easily one forgets. I remember the feeling of his skin under my fingertips and how it feels when I run my fingers through his hair… I can not remember how it feels to kiss him or have his arm draped across my stomach. 

A t-shirt I snatched from him to take with me reminds me of his scent and the books I borrowed from him of his mind.


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