5 September, 2015
9:32 pm

It’s already dark out. For a moment it felt cold and grim inside but then you opened the window, lit a cigarette and suddenly people’s voices, the ones from down the street, filled the flat. Looking at you makes me so happy I feel like I’ll burst. I join you on the window sill and inhale the sweet, chill Saturday night air while the streetlights and the beaming fairy lights of the nearby restaurant calm me down. Your cigarette is almost done but I manage to take one drag before you finish it. I don’t really smoke but right now, I feel like it. I want to stay at the window but you close it, we get up and you take me into your arms. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” I chant, without even noticing I do. You are so safe and all I can think of is how unbelievably and utterly happy you make me.

You play, you sing – I’m mesmerized, the taste of the cigarette still in my mouth. This moment, to me, is perfect.

6 September, 2015
1:56 pm

The town is buzzing – not as busy as it could be but the streets are delightfully full, still. The sun is out, I feel it on my face. Fresh out of shower, I walk the streets with my hair still wet, cobblestones under my shoes – content, happy, full of hope and love for everything around me. The people seem friendly and chatty but there is this certain stillness to the air.
Sunday, lazy, loving and kind.

For now, it feels like home.

6 September, 2015
10:30 pm

I burst into tears for seemingly no reason and you wipe my cheeks dry. You pull me into your lap, we’re on the floor together, a messy pile of emotions. I cry on your shoulder, you make a stupid joke, I laugh.

You play some more, you sing …

“You are perfect to me.”


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