14 October, 2015
9:58 pm

There are days that make you want to quit, days when you feel like you’re just dragging along. Maybe it’s for someone you love, maybe it’s just out of habit – whatever it is, it is worth it.

Sure, you feel like you’ve made your decisions, the crucial ones, and like there’s no going back. Or you just feel down for seemingly no reason at all. It’s all part of it, part of what we call life… But that’s the thing, though, about this life. It throws you up and it brings you down and that is why it’s so damn beautiful. You have all the power and all the strength to change things! Every new morning comes with new possibilities, no matter how cliché and silly that sounds (not that “cliché” isn’t my middle name…), it is true. Believe me. You are strong, brave and so precious. You matter.

Hold on, you are the change. There is so much more love and strength inside you than you even know. I believe in you.


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