5 November, 2015
1:03 am

Ultimately it is my love for details what makes me love life so. I occasionally write these lists in my head, often titled “Things That Make Me Feel Alive” – simply to remind myself of all the small, yet extraordinary things around me.

Like the way the city looks like after the rain, with the pavement all wet and shimmery… or breathing out, not even knowing if it’s pollution or just warm air coming out of my lungs. Having a deliciously hot cup of coffee warm my cold hands or having a deliciously cold bottle of water cooling down my warm face. A good cry. How you’re walking on the streets and the beat coming from your headphones so satisfyingly matches the steps you take. Looking into people’s apartments when it’s dark, wondering who they are and what they do. Closing your eyes with some jazz playing in the background, or looking at him and noticing the corners of your lips turn upwards. Noticing his lips curl into a smile. A good laugh. The perfect lazy afternoon with the perfect cup of light roast coffee. That moment of absolute silence in the morning before anyone else has woken up.

We all have our things, hold on to yours. Cherish them.

Now playing: Daughter – Candles


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