Concrete dreams

I love cities. I always have. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember wanting to go to the big park 12 kilometres away and not stay in our town. Being lucky enough, my mother would take me there. We fed the ducks and we ate ice cream – I got to go down the big slide! Way to make a child happy.

When I got older, I ventured to “my city” all the time. At the age of 13 I would cycle about 25 kilometres, several times a week, just to be there. To be surrounded by the concrete. The cars and the people and the buildings, the shops and the cafés. I was a bit of a hippie (not that it has really changed…) and refused to wear shoes. I walked around the city, by the sea and through the park with my bare feet, happy as ever.

As I kept growing I would always find a way to situate myself into a city environment. The town I come from is not exactly a tiny town, having a population of about 16,000 people, but it does seem quite small. As someone who was born and raised there, I just kept craving for something more. I would daydream about my dream apartment somewhere central – an adorable, not-too-big, lovely home for me and only for me. A jugend building, wide window sills, high ceilings. At first it was my city, then the dreams shifted to Helsinki.

I got to go to the high school I always wanted to attend. It was in my city and it was all about music. One of my best friends lived near to the school and I had the chance to stay at theirs a lot. Some of the best time of my life. They shared my love for Helsinki, we dreamt together.

Like you would expect, life threw me around and I ended up in a city I never thought I would. Close to Helsinki but not close enough. I found a way of living life and for a couple of years, it was comfortable. Then, after various jobs and some studying, I ended up in England.

England has been my home for just over a year now. A lot has changed in a year. I have changed as a person but my love for cities is still there. No matter the season, I feel most at home with the sounds of cars and people behind my window and lights from the street projected on my walls.

I love the lights – not only because they’re pretty but because they make me feel not alone.

Today, I’m content. Our home is cosy and it’s ours. As we know from life already lived, nothing is certain. You will be thrown around and plans will change.

For now, I’ll be concentrating on finding the next city to conquer.


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