Not everyone has a Merry Christmas

Christmas. Probably the most celebrated (and commercialised) holiday around. Billions of people around the globe get their Christmas trees up, their turkeys and hams on the table and their lights out. I, myself, am a Christmas freak. I get the lights out in September – sometimes you might find me listening to a Christmas song in July.

What most people tend to forget, though, is that not everyone has the lights. Or the trees or the turkeys. There’s people out there who would love to celebrate but just can’t. There’s people who are in pain during Christmas time; people with unpleasant memories from their childhood. Some don’t have a home. Some don’t have the money to get their kids presents. There’s people who are hungry and won’t even dare to dream about a Christmas dinner. Some people are not able to be home. Some are alone while some have lost their loved ones.

I ask, all of you, to give a thought to those people and to give thanks to wherever it is you send thanks to… for being able to celebrate the way you do and also, that you’re able to spend this time with your loved ones.

Let’s be thankful and let’s not forget the people less fortunate than us.


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