2 January, 2016

This year will be happier because I will make it so…

I will smile more, I will try to notice the little things.
I will be kinder and I will be more attentive towards those close to me.
I will kiss my person all the time.
I will listen to a lot of music and try to see as many gigs and concerts as I can.
I will visit museums and art galleries.
I will see movies about love, funny movies and maybe even scary ones – I will watch more European cinema.
I will sing more and I will dance more and I will write more.
Maybe I’ll start painting.
I will travel.
I will learn how to play the guitar.
I will take breaks from all social media.
I will find a job.
I will eat better, I will move more.
I will pick flowers and I will stop to look at the sun when it sets.
I will make it my mission to see at least a few early morning sunrises.
I will dress nicely because I want to do so.
I will challenge myself artistically, physically and mentally.
I will no longer feel ashamed about being emotional and crying.
I will go on adventures whenever I can.
I will try to trust life and make myself stop overthinking.

I will appreciate the person who stays with me after and during all these things that I do – the person who is waiting for me at home at the end of the day, even more than I did in 2015.


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