30 January, 2016
12:53 am

Right there, in that taxi, it was like the world stopped moving for a moment. Of course it hadn’t and neither had the car, but everything that was going on inside my head just disappeared. For about 10 minutes it was just me, the humming of the engine, all the raindrops that almost seemed to be glued to the windows of the car, and the blurry lights of London. For a moment, I had this huge sense of belonging… I’m not even talking about London (even though I do adore the city) or the taxi, or even the rain. I guess I’m talking about where I am right now, where I want to be and where I’m heading. There is so much light and love in my life and so many wonderful people around me to share it with. Most importantly, I feel like I’m creating a foundation for my future – whatever that will be.

Keep your eyes open for these moments of clarity, these moments of feeling content or curious. Let your thoughts wander to the possibilities: what could be and how do I make it possible? Alternatively, when your mind wanders to the content present… all you have to do is revel in it. Soak in it.

When it’s hard, remember that everything will be sorted – one way or the other. Like my dear aunt said today, “All these challenges, these opportunities? Take them. Make the most of them and welcome them with open arms.”


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