I won’t stay

It is in my power to say and do and create and truly narrate my own life – it might not be too late. I’ll just ignore all the hate and go on, on and on; I will power on and mourn for those who didn’t have the strength. I play, I speak, I need to reach out and have my voice heard so I’ll shout! I’ll shout out, I’ll be loud, I’ll never be in doubt. My feet will stay on the ground. One foot after the other, there will never be another who can take my place because I am unique, and so are you – who knew? We both will leave a mark, us all… as a human race, we are together on this race, this never-ending race that we will just have to embrace. Embrace each other! I am here. I am here and I try to steer, both hands on. It’s intense. I promise, I won’t stray but I also won’t stay because I need to move forward… I have to keep going and go my own way, maybe on the 1st of May I’ll stop and I’ll dance but after that I’ll just have to take a chance and go. So no – I won’t settle… I might boil the kettle and sit down for a moment but after that I’ll only keep going.


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