Restless dreamer

22 July, 2016

I feel restless. I used to love going to sleep. Well, to bed. I loved being in bed, late at night, having some peace and quiet while reading a book or watching a TV show on mute. I loved those moments of solitude. Now, I feel like I have lost it. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have my own space while visiting home or maybe it’s the nights full of light, but I just feel so lost.

I feel like I’m losing time, like I need to be somewhere and do something. I want to be out there, chasing a sunset. I want to stay up all night long. I want passion, I want music and I want love. I want to breathe deep while staring at the sea and I want to lie on a field. I want to squat in one of those old abandoned shacks in the Finnish country side. I want to dance on the beach with wonderful people and kiss everyone in sight.

We are getting more and more light outside while I’m writing this, it is morning now… I want to wake up on the back of a van, open the door and see this exact sky.

I just arrived home after driving around for no reason, after spending time with a friend and listening to old mix CD’s, having late night (or early morning) fast food and on top of all that, lots of laughter. I also dipped my toes in sand. The sun went down about 3 hours ago and it is about to come up again in less than an hour. The moon is out; almost full and so very bright – it looks absolutely beautiful against the light blue backdrop of the early morning sky. I guess it’s time for sleep now.

Someone, please, go on an adventure with me?


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