5 August, 2016

around 10pm

The grass is wet from the light rain still showering down. I’m wearing my sandals and I shuffle on the grass, my toes are touching the raindrops covering the ground. The sky is all lavender and light pink. It is burning from the middle, looking like a magical portal to another universe. I breathe in the air, I look at the sea. The air is salty and the wind is chilly. You can feel autumn – it is right around the corner. I don’t want to let summer go.

Reminiscing, dancing, loving; road trips with coffee stops and raindrops, hugs and kisses and beating hearts. Punk rock and neck ache, after parties that end when the sun has already been up for hours. Hangover foods and friends who are there for you, always. Big emotions. Cuddles and muddy puddles, swimming in the sea with your best dog friend. Sunsets and laughter but also lonely nights on the countryside, when you’ve really just needed to hide. Stars. Reflections on the water. Tears, both of joy and sadness. Butterflies. Sighs.

Summer – every year it so sneakily enters our lives and then leaves, almost as quickly as it has arrived. It always leaves me breathless.


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