This is the way I stain myself

I love myself with my fingers
I love myself with thoughts;
thoughts that are hazy

This is the way I stain myself

I un-purify,
electrify myself from the inside
and outside I rub myself dirty

I wish I felt like I was worthy
of words and the tickling sensation
deep in my belly

Closing my eyes takes me away

I hide deeper under the duvet;
my arms feel weak
from all the pulling and pushing
and the ambushing I am the subject of

Silence is the remedy


One thought on “This is the way I stain myself

  1. Oh, you are worthy of greatness. You should not feel ashamed of satisfying the beauty of sexual needs. Sex makes me feel pure inside-out. One of those purifying moments besides love and swetty excercises. Though one might think “dirty” it’s very attractive and oh so natural.

    Sometimes sex may be messy but it’s okay. The most important thing in it is to be close to the one you have great and meaningfull feelings for. Love and closeness is the key for important and pure sex. Yet talking dirt all the way = 😍

    Wishing you the best, happiness and loving!

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